Hazel to Be Premiered at the Winterthur
Short Film Festival

The film Hazel by Tamer Ruggli (music by Pierre Funck) has been nominated for the Swiss competition “CHurzfilm” of the International Short Film Festival Winterthur!

Screenings on Wednesday, November 7th and Saturday, November 10th, always at 7:30 pm in the Theater Winterthur. Details here.

Little Eden Live in Rorschach

The film Little Eden by Nino Christen will be shown on Sunday, 10 June at 11:00 am in the Kornhaus Rorschach, within the exhibition „Animation – Von der Idee zum fertigen Film“. Live musicians: Antonello Messina, accordion; Simon Wyrsch, clarinet; Rotraut Jäger, flute; Stefanie Kunckler, double bass. More information here.

Theatrical Release of Unter Wasser atmen

On Thursday, 7 June, Unter Wasser atmen will be released in the Swiss-German theatres. More information here und here.

Winter Sonata and mikro.kosmos to be Screened with a Live Orchestra in Nanchang

The films mikro.kosmos by Nino Christen and Winter Sonata by Yves Gutjahr will be screened with live orchestra in the concert hall of the Nanchang University (China) on Sunday, 15 April at 7:30 pm.

Ice Age Show

The new “Ice Age Show”, with music by Pierre Funck, is on display in the Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich.

47th Solothurn Film Festival

Two films with music by Pierre Funck got nominations at the 47th Solothurn Film Festival:

La Vuelta Awarded at the Lucerne International Film Festival

The film La Vuelta by Marius Portmann (music by Pierre Funck) has won the Award “Best Animation Film” at the Lucerne International Film Festival.

Unter Wasser atmen Wins Audience Award

The documentary Unter Wasser atmen – Das zweite Leben des Dr. Nils Jent by Stefan Muggli and Andri Hinnen won the audience award at the Zurich Film Festival!

A further screening is scheduled for Saturday, 29 October, 12:15 noon, in the cinema Le Paris in Zurich.