Unter Wasser atmen to Be Premiered at the
Zurich Film Festival

The documentary feature Unter Wasser atmen – Das zweite Leben des Dr. Nils Jent by Stefan Muggli and Andri Hinnen (music by Pierre Funck) will be screened three times in public at the Zurich Film Festival:

Monday, 26 September, 8:15 pm, Corso 2 (public premiere)

Thursday 29 September, 2:45 pm, Corso 2

Sunday, 2 October, 6:45 pm, Corso 2

Details and tickets

De Hardcore-Schwiizer Wins Audience Award

The animation film De Hardcore-Schwiizer by Dustin Rees won the first prize in the audience award at the Aarau One Minute Film Festival 2011. Details here.

Film Composers’ Slang in NZZ Folio

In the column “Vom Fach” of the latest monthly supplement “NZZ Folio” of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, there is a fictitious dialogue between film music composers, written by Pierre Funck. Read it here.

Phönix auf der Wolke: Award and Premiere

On May 5th, Phönix auf der Wolke by Yun-Long Song (music by Pierre Funck) has been given the 2011 documentary award of the Alexis Victor Thalberg Foundation. The film is going to be premiered on Sunday, May 8th at 12am at the cinema Riffraff in Zurich.

Ruth to Be Premiered at the “Pink Apple” Festival
in Zurich

The films Ruth and Cappuccino by Tamer Ruggli (music by Pierre Funck) will be screened at the festival “Pink Apple“ on Thursday, May 5th, 6:30 pm, in the cinema Arthouse Movie in Zurich. Details here.

Beyond Bug-Eyed Monsters

In the exhibition Beyond Bug-Eyed Monsters: Astrophysics, Biology and the Search for Life in the Universe (April 5th, 2011, till March 11th, 2012) by the Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich, a 30-minute film with music by Pierre Funck will be shown in the “romantic lounge.”

Ronaldo Wins Prize in Solothurn

At the 46th Solothurn Film Festival, SSA and Suissimage have awarded the prize “best short by a young professional” to the film Ronaldo by Jan Mettler (music: Pierre Funck and Adrian Pfisterer).

46th Solothurn Film Festival

Two films with music by Pierre Funck will be shown at the 46th Solothurn Film Festival:

• Ronaldo (short film by Jan Mettler)

• De Hardcore-Schwiizer (animation film by Dustin Rees)