Roman Glaser, flute; Samuel Bastos, oboe; David Schnee, viola;  Andreas Kühnrich, cello

The Liberated Garden

From the film Little Eden by Nino Christen

Antonello Messina, accordion; Rotraut Jäger, flute; Simon Wyrsch, clarinet

Childhood Memories

Main theme from the film Unter Wasser atmen by Stefan Muggli and Andri Hinnen

Ronny Spiegel and Simon Heggendorn, violins; David Schnee, viola; Andrea Sutter, cello

Persian Elegy

From the film Half of the World
by Jérôme Furrer

Zhubin Kalhor, kamancheh

Irish Waltz

From the film Wrack by Michael Werder

Sandro Friedrich, Irish flute; Zurich Composers’ Guild Orchestra, conducted by André Bellmont

Tuba Tango

From the film Alfonso by Jan-Eric Mack

Rainer Schwitter, tuba; Laida Alberdi, Mirjam Früh, violin; Filomena Felley, viola; Vera Pritchina, cello

Eerie Pavan

From the film Die roten Schuhe
by Aurora Vögeli

Laida Alberdi, violin

Commedia all’italiana

Muriel Quistad, mandolin

Glacier Symphony

From the film Legacy of the Great Aletsch by Nick Brandestini

(entirely computer-produced)

Marche burlesque

From the film Crescendo by Flo Birrer

Iryna Gintova, violin

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